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It Is All About Trumpet Pride!
The CMB Trumpet Line prides itself on being the melody of the band. When the music climaxes, you can believe that every trumpet player in the section is screaming on all three parts. Whether it is a halftime show at The Rose Bowl, in the stands at Qwest Field, on the track at Husky Stadium, or in the streets of good old Pullman, we always play to our best and make sure everyone knows we are there and in charge. Just the sight of more than 40 trumpet players instills fear in the opposing team. Welcome to our turf, we are the 12th Man; we are The Cougar Trumpet Pride Line!

It Is All About Trumpet Pride! 

Who the Hell Are You?
One night during Hell Week, the entire band is invited to a secret location to meet all the new kids, better known as the Who The Hell Are You Party. There are many good times and friends are always made on this night. Many students find this to be their first college party. The best part is that everyone walks around saying “Who the Hell Are You?” and the night goes on.

The Ferdinand Sectional
Every Wednesday Sectional during Hell Week, more commonly known as band camp, the trumpets head over to Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe at the WSU Creamery. It is a good time away from playing horns to really get to know each other. After finishing ice cream, we write our section song to sing the next night at the Trombone Sectional so that we don’t look like we were out-done.

Trumpet Hell Week Partay
That same night, we usually have a “Meet the Section” Party. It is a good time to meet and bond with everyone and tell embarrassing stories about each other. Hey, might as well get it all out now, right? Barbeques and pizza are popular choices on this night. We then put finishing touches on our song.


We Don’t Sit
During every rehearsal, we stand. No one in the Trumpet Section sits like the Flute or Clarinet Sections. We play “balls to the wall” sometimes, and in order to do this, it is vital to stand when attempting to achieve the trumpet wall of sound. In other words, take your part up!

Taking Responsibility
If you ever show up late to a rehearsal with out a section leader knowing, there will be consequences. It depends on the day and the mood of the section leaders. Some punishments are given in increments depending on how late the member was. Torture is always enjoyed by the section. Stretching, running stairs, giving out money and extra high step marching are always good penalties as way to keep attendance high.

We are also the only section to hold weekly mandatory sectionals. This is what puts us above the rest. It can be hard to fit in to a busy schedule, especially when the band rehearses five times a week, but it pays off in the end. Sectionals can be intense and your lips will feel like they are about to fall off, but mind over matter is the key here. Brass coaches will also come in occasionally to help our sound be the “Best in the West!”

Section Yell At the end of every rehearsal, night, morning, or weekend, we have a section cheer. No matter how cold or how hard we work at the practice, we put in everything we have left to yell “Trumpet Pride!”

Horn Flashes and Angles
The trumpets are always busy waving their horns during drum cadences or stands tunes. Fans like these and take real notice to our effort. Horn Flashes include the Booty Dance, Up-Downs, Punches, the Truck Driver, the Parade Form Flash, and many more. When playing, we try to move a lot too. Most importantly are the times when we are not moving our horns. At that moment, we take pride by keeping a ninety degree bell angle, parallel to the ground. This always applies at rehearsal as well.

(ICB) Incognito Cougar Band
This is the best time to show your true side. Band members of all sections come out wearing next to nothing on the cold November nights. Drag or costumes are highly encouraged for the guys, and maybe just something to barely cover up for the girls. Eventually, we go out and play pep band tunes the night before a game. It is a fun and energizing to go around the Greek area and dorms and play for them. We also make a final grand appearance in the Trailer Park for all the drunken Alumni Tailgaters. The best costumes are always crude or unfinished. Some past costumes have included a Giant Condom, Jared from Subway, Sexy Pirates, and Hookers!

Game Day

Section Breakfasts
Every Saturday Game morning, if time provides for it, the entire section shows up to an apartment or dining center to fill up and energize for the GAME DAY. Bring what you want to eat at this breakfast. We are trumpets and we eat a lot, so the more you bring the better. It is a good time to make fun of each other and tell stories.

In The Tunnel
In the tunnel is where section leaders give their last wishes to their section. It is a blood pounding experience and sometimes it gets crazy. The secret “Do-Good-Don’t-Suck” handshake is to only be used at this time. Taking 40 of these really begins to hurt for a section leader.

Game Time
When it comes time for the first note of the band, which is the first section you hear? The trumpets, of course. We have our own tune called "Trumpet Cheer" as a fanfare opener to the best university fight song, the WSU Fight Song!

Squad 9 and “Aunt Millie and Uncle Mort”
These are two awards, among others, handed out to members of the trumpet section. The Squad 9 Award is presented to usually a squad in the Pre Game formation. It started by a group of four people who kept messing up in Pre Game, but the catch was, that it was someone different each time and they made the same mistake. The rules have changed a little, but you get the Idea. Past Winners include, Kristian Adair, Allison Wesockes, Don Johnson, Matthew Williams, Alex Blasich, and Joseph Curtis.

The Aunt Millie and Uncle Mort Award goes out to two people, usually a guy and a girl. They are honored for their unusual behavior throughout the season that makes Don, other section’s section leaders, and the drum majors (and sometimes even the head coach) come up to Trumpet Section Leaders and ask, “What the hell is going on?” Past Winners include Aaron Hall, Julia Howatson and Scott Geleynse.

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